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I bet Clint was on a mission.

I bet halfway through he called for his extraction and his handler didn’t answer.

I bet he was stranded for days behind enemy lines with no backup and no way of reaching Nat.

I bet he finally crawled his way to somewhere with some kind of electricity and stole enough money to call someone only to find out that number after number was no longer in service.

I bet he finally went through every number and caved and called Tony.

I bet Tony, in his own way, was relieved to hear he wasn’t dead in the remains of HQ and was cracking ‘showing up 15min late’ jokes.

I bet he personally rushes there in his private jet and finds Clint covered in bruises and cuts and with fractured bones and almost hysterical because no one is reachable and there’s always /someone/

Tony having to gently break it to Clint that things went fucking tits up and that Steve and tasha were ok but SHIELD was fucked and that was probably a good thing

Clint having to redefine himself for the second time in two years because things keep tearing everything he knows apart.

first of all how dare you

*whispers* And Clint thinks Fury is dead *vanishes*
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sorry i’m late, professor. im disenchanted with the human experience and waking up every morning thrusts me into an instant existential crisis

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How does being a fan of Broadway even work for people who don’t live in New York? like, are you guys ok?

No. No we’re not.


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Jeremy Renner dances onto stage in Hall H [x]

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# the tags explain why i love this scene so much# and then he flirts with peggy for steve because steve’s just standing there like a big dummy# and he plays it off like he was just doing it for his own sake# ugh

I feel so bad for Bucky after he gets saved. I’m not sad he got saved, more so the fact that now he has to go around trying to deal with the fact that he believes he’s not really useful anymore. And gosh, this is so untrue. Because he’s so useful, and he just doesn’t realize how useful he is. And I’m really bummed no one told him before he fell off that damn train….

It says so much about Bucky’s self-worth that he basically counts himself as useful as long as Steve needs him.

But now that he thinks Steve doesn’t need him, because why would Steve ever need him now? All he was was the muscle, protecting that dumb little punk with more heart and mouth than sense. And Steve’s the muscle now and he’s got real friends, good friends, who’ll fight alongside him, not just some slacker from Brooklyn who never wanted to go to war in the first place. Steve’s a goddamned hero. Why the hell would he need someone like Bucky? Someone who fell when they beat him down? Someone who screamed when they tortured him? Someone who is so damned pathetic he couldn’t keep himself from crying when they used him like a guinea pig.

Nah. Steve deserves someone better than that. Steve deserves someone brave and someone good, and not some guy who isn’t any use to anyone anymore.

Sorry for reblogging this gifset again (no I’m not) but there are NEW WORDS.

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Jeremy Renner does a phenomenal hard-of-hearing Clint Barton impression.

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The woman who named the avengers is getting left out of the mcu

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You may not agree with a woman, but to criticize her appearance — as opposed to her ideas or actions — isn’t doing anyone any favors, least of all you. Insulting a woman’s looks when they have nothing to do with the issue at hand implies a lack of comprehension on your part, an inability to engage in high-level thinking. You may think she’s ugly, but everyone else thinks you’re an idiot.
Hillary Clinton  (via neonchills)
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Agents of B.L.O.O.P.E.R.S. - (x)

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Hi. I'm just here to say that I love when you get really excited about something in a post because A) it's adorable, and B) it looks like Peppermint Butler is fangirling and going "OMG! Hercules!" and that's great. Also you're amazing.



HAHA thank you!

Listen, my whole life people have been telling me to tone down my excitement. That not every restaurant I like can be my FAVORITE RESTAURANT EVER and not every movie I like should be MY FAVORITE FILM OF ALL TIME but you know what, FUCK THAT.

There is so much awful shit in the world that if I find something that makes me happy, that brings me genuine joy, I will shout it from the rooftops so that others may share in it with me. How is that not THE BEST WAY TO LIVE?

Thank you again, you’re very sweet and it’s lovely to hear that my pepperminty enthusiasm is appreciated :)

My whole life people have been telling me to tone down my excitement.

THIS. THIS THIS THIS. I don’t think I realized how much I needed my constant (yet ever-changing) enthusiasm to be validated until I read this. Ugh. Yes. I really have nothing else to add.

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  • Only the FIRST FIVE tags you use on a NEW POST show up in the tracked tags
  • Only the FIRST TWENTY tags on any post on your blog function (i.e click tag #21 and it will say page not found)
  • When you’re in your messages, you can click the top right corner of an ask & it will take you to a permalink page. Go to ‘edit’ (top right of page) and reply using the post edit screen (and add tags without an extension)
  • Always Reblog, Never Repost
  • Tumblr Etiquette: don’t delete the OPs caption, consider it part of the work as a whole.
  • Don’t tag your hate. If you don’t like a character or show or whatever, don’t tag your new post with their name/title/whatever in the first five tags. It shows up in the tracked tags. People that track a tag do so normally cause they love a thing. Don’t ruin a thing. No one likes a ruiner.
  • Tumblr default reblogs long text posts as links and its a pain in the ass. Who ever wants them as a link. No one, ever. When you’re reblogging a text post, go to the Aa drop down menu in the top right & select ‘reblog as text’. 
  • When you add a comment to a post, the OP sees it. Just so you know. There’s a whole etiquette on commenting vs tags but it’s your blog do what the fuck you want

I learned a lot of these things the hard way. Save yourself while you still can. 

Please on the texts as links!!!

The single, great shining reason I got X-kit was to piss off the reblog as a link function.  X-kit lets you choose reblog as text as your default.  (Lots of other cool stuff too, but REBLOG AS TEXT.)

The mobile version does not have the option to reblog as text, which is endlessly frustrating. Tumblr needs to please get on this. Seriously. The link should be the optional form of reblog.

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Gina Torres explains why she wants no parts of social media.

This is actually often how I feel about actors. I want to get involved with the characters, not necessarily the actors or their lives. Which is part of why I love it so much when actors get really into their characters and can bond with audiences over THEM and THEIR stories.

Not to say that it isn’t fun and awesome when actors get involved with social media, because it often is, if their heart’s in the right place. But honestly, I love characters, and could not care a whole lot less about what else most actors do with their lives, nor do I quite understand why other people are so fascinated by that.

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Hey guys.  I’m opening emergency commissions!! 

My Memaw passed away on Thursday.  It was something we all knew that was going to happen but I don’t think any of us were ready for yet.  So if you met me at SDCC and I seemed a little tired or out of it, this was probably why.  

I’m opening commissions to try and make it to the funeral. Its on Wednesday this upcoming week.  And last minute flight tickets are hella expensive. 

Commission info here!!! 

Signal boost if you can!  

Thanks for your time and help.  I might be a little slow to responding to things on this site.  Love you guys. 

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Congratulations to The Normal Heart for their 16 nominations for The Emmy

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